Events at the Central Norfolk Methodist Circuit
Regular Weekly and Monthly Events
Mon  10.00-11.30  1st, 3rd & 5th in Month. Bible Discussion Group Hingham MC
Mon  2.30pm  Fortnightly House Group, details Rev Rosemary Wakelin Holt MC
Mon  7.30pm  Beetley, Wendling, Gressenhall Bible Study at Beetley; contact: John Hull
Mon  7.45pm  Christian Meditation - 1st and 3rd in Month, in vestry, Watton MC
Tues  9.15am  Stepping Stones for mothers, carers and their youngsters Holt MC
Tues  10.00am  Bible Study Blakeney St Nicholas
Tues  10-11am  1st Tues in Month, Coffee Morning. Gt Ellingham MC
Tues  10.30-noon  2nd in month: Knit and Natter Garvestone MC
Tues  2.30pm  2nd & 4th in month, Fellowship Gt Ellingham MC
Tues  2.30pm  Fortnightly House Group, details Aveen Speakman Holt MC
Tues  2.30pm  Fortnightly Singing Group Watton MC
Tues  2.45pm  Women’s Own, details from Olwyn Brough Dereham MC
Tues  3.15pm  ‘Messy Church’ - 2nd Tuesday each Month at St Nicholas, Blakeney
Tues  5.45pm  Contemplative Prayer Blakeney MC
Tues  7.00pm  Toftwood Forum; 2nd in Month. Toftwood MC
Tues  7.00-8.30pm  All except 2nd in month, Bowls club Toftwood MC
Tues  7.30pm  3rd in month: Young People's Group Blakeney MC
Tues  7.30pm  Fortnightly Bible Study Group (1st and 3rd), details Jacky Dereham MC
Tues  7.30pm  Bible Study Group (2nd and 4th), details Kathy Dereham MC
Wed  9.30-11.30am  Coffee Morning Watton MC
Wed  10-11.30am  1st & 3rd in month, Coffee Morning Toftwood M C
Wed  10-noon  Coffee Morning Tittleshall M C
Wed  10.15-11.30am  Church open for quiet time Watton MC
Wed  10.30am  Prayer & Praise followed by coffee/tea & biscuits Wells MC
Wed  10.30-11.00  Mid-week worship in large vestry Watton MC
Wed  10.30-noon  Alternate weeks, Coffee Morning in chapel Wendling MC
Wed  2-3.00pm  1st & 3rd Wednesday in Month, Drop-in & Chat Beetley MC
Wed  7.30pm  Ladies Wednesday Club, details Jacky Woor Dereham MC
Thurs  9-9.30am  Prayer Time Dereham MC
Thurs  10.00am  Prayer followed by coffee Blakeney M C
Thurs  10.00-noon  2nd in Month. Coffee Morning for all Shipdham LEP
Thurs  10.00am  1st & 3rd each Month, Coffee Morning Dereham MC
Thurs  10.30-noon  Coffee Morning Litcham MC
Thurs  10.30am  4th in Month, Mid-week Holy Communion Dereham MC
Thurs  11:00  Service at Lloyd Court taken by Holt MC
Thurs  12 noon  2nd Thurs, Luncheon Club, details Pam Beardsmore Dereham MC
Thurs  2.00pm  Carpet Bowls Club Toftwood M C
Thurs  2.30pm  2nd & 4th in Month, Thursday Group for adults, all-ages. Swaffham MC
Fri  9.30-10:00  Prayer Group Swaffham MC
Fri  9.30-11.30  Short Service followed by Coffee Holt M C
Fri  10.00am  1st in month: Tea & Tots Blakeney MC
Fri  7.30pm  3rd in Month; Ecumenical Prayer Meeting Garvestone M C
Sat  9.30-noon  Coffee Morning Swaffham MC
Sat  10-12.00  1st in Month; Coffee Shop with stalls. Hingham MC

Circuit Events

The CIRCUIT CHOIR continues to meet at Stibbard and is always ready to welcome former and new singers.
Contact Pippa on 01328 829324 if you are interested.

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