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Helping those in need...

When aloneness was forced on me I did not welcome it. It scared me stiff. I’d been for years in the middle of a busy family, and suddenly all three children left home – for perfectly good educational reasons – and my husband died, and there I was, rattling around the family home...

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Learn more about who we are and what we offer through our online photo gallery. If you have photographed an event or service at our church, we'd love to share them on our gallery.

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podcasting sermons

The road to Jesus is not an easy one to follow. It's rough at times, uncomfortable under foot, with paths stretching off into all sorts of directions. To help us back on our way, and to learn more about Jesus, many Christians find the best source of nourishment to be listening to the talks (or sermons) on a Sunday morning.

You will find some of our 'podcastings' from Sunday worship below for you to explore and hopefully learn more about our own journey with Christ. Click on the sermon titles below to listen.

13th February: Moving On
16th January:
Songs of Praise
24th October: Church on Defensive
10th October: Harvest
27th June:
Jesus of Samaria
20th June: Can a Christian be Truly Happy?
30th May: The Trinity
23rd May: Pentecost
18th April: Practical Evangelism

My Faith Journey

The Christian journey is a unique experience that is different for each of us. Understanding this, and more importantly sharing in others' journeys, can be an enlightening and powerful tool for your own journey with Christ.

Members of our church community have written their 'Faith Journey' for you to explore and hopefully consider deepening your own relationship with God. May God bless you on your journey!

Malcolm Cook

Pippa Cook

Ann Tubby

Nelson Tubby

Questions of faith

Learning More About Your Faith

Being able to explore you faith is one of the most important aspects of following Christ. Sharing your life experience and your bad times with fellow Christians can be a rewarding experience.

At Stibbard Methodists we believe everyone should have the freedom, and security, to explore their own faith, so with with that in mind we have put together a few answers to some of the most popular questions of faith.

Learning About Faith Together