PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: Are We Nearly There Yet?

Are we nearly there yet?

How many times do we hear that question from the youngsters, and often the not so young, in the back of the car?

I suppose it’s because, if we are not in control of the journey, in the planning of it, the navigation or the driving, time and distance cannot be judged. Certainly, for me, a journey passes more quickly and with a great deal more interest, if I have a map and can plot the course and the timing.

We have just been on a school trip to North Wales and the cry of ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ was heard almost as soon as we passed King’s Lynn. Giving the children things to look out for and checkpoints along the way helped, but when all of us were on strange roads, we could not always oblige with these diversions.

The disciples of Jesus had lived and worked with Him for three years when they could feel that matters were coming to a head. As they prepared to travel to Jerusalem, Jesus tried to tell them something of the events that lay ahead. He gave them an indication of what would happen to Him, of what people would say and do, but each of them had their own idea of what would or should happen in the end.

Jesus assured them that they knew where they were going, but still Thomas asked, “How do we know the way?”.

The answer, for Jesus, was simple. He said, “I am the way.”

Look at the world around us. Are we nearly there yet?

Pippa Cook