PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: Week after easter - monday: Mary

Good morning!

I am very grateful to some people. Something they have said or done, just when I needed it most, has set me on the right path. And, although it may be several years later, I begin to realise just how much I owe to that person. It may be that it is too late to say thank you and let them know what a difference their influence has made.

Mary, so tradition leads us to think, owed a debt of gratitude to Jesus. He had saved her when she was in danger of being stoned to death. She had no hesitation and no reserve in saying thank you to Him. At every possible moment she was there beside Him, even when He was invited to someone else’s house for a meal. She sat at His feet and wept. She broke a valuable jar of ointment over His feet, and she let down her hair and used it to wipe them clean.

After the crucifixion, all she wanted to do was get back to the body of her Lord and do all the things for which there had not been time when He died. To find the stone rolled away and the body gone was devastating and she broke down in tears.

A man spoke to her, asking why she was crying, and she thought it was the gardener. When He spoke again, speaking her name in a quiet voice, she knew it was Jesus.

At the lowest points in my life, a word from someone I do not recognise can be the voice of God calling my name.

Pippa Cook