PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: Week after easter - Tuesday: PETER

Good morning.

It’s so easy to open my mouth and say something without thinking and then wish I’d kept quiet and thought first. A careless or thoughtless word can destroy another’s confidence in me.

Peter was a bit like that. He would speak first and think after. There were times when he got it right and said the correct thing, like when he openly recognised Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus had been pleased with him then. But there were times when he got it wrong. Like the time when he told Jesus that He shouldn’t go to Jerusalem, that he didn’t have to place Himself in danger. Jesus had been angry with him then. ‘Get behind me, Satan,’ He’d said.

But he had been the only one to hang around and try to see what happened to Jesus. He’d told that fib about not knowing Him, but what else could he do? He didn’t want to put himself in the same position.

It didn’t make much difference though. Jesus had been crucified, just as He’d said, and they’d buried Him in the tomb. Dead and buried, and all the excitement, anticipation and hope for the future dead and buried with Him.

Until Easter Day. Then the women who had gone to the tomb had said He wasn’t there. Then Mary had said that she’d seen Him. Then He really was there, talking and being – well – not quite the same. There in Jerusalem, there on the road, appearing at just the right time, then going again. Promising that it would be OK, that the past was forgiven, even if it couldn’t quite be forgotten. Reminding the disciples, and especially Peter, that there was a whole world of people out there to be told the Good News.

Pippa Cook