PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: Week after easter - WEDNESDAY: John

Good morning.

Some people are very special to me. So special that it is difficult to put into words. Not family, parents or children, though they are special, but the sort of person that you can sit with and not have to talk.

They are the people we know are there before we even pick up the phone, the people we can rely on to lend a sympathetic ear, even in their busiest moments, and they are the people who turn to us when they need sympathy and support. We recognise them from a distance, and yet cannot say how. We just do.

John was like that with Jesus. He was the quiet one, always there to support without interrupting or jumping the gun.

When the women had come back from the tomb, saying that it was empty, John and Peter had run to see. John was the faster runner and got there first, but he stood back to let Peter go in and see.

When the disciples had gone fishing, in an attempt to return to what they knew best, a stranger appeared on the shore. In the half-light of the dawn it was difficult to make out who was there. It was John who knew that it was Jesus, and said so. It was Peter who got out of the boat, leaving the others to do the work, but it was John who recognised Jesus.

I need to recognise, or maybe I need someone else to recognise for me, the presence of God and His working in my life day by day.

Pippa Cook