PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: Week after easter - Thursday: Thomas

Good morning.

When I told my Mum that I was doing Pause for Thought, and I was thinking of using Thomas as one of the characters, she immediately said, “Well, don’t go too much on the ‘Doubting Thomas’. He always gets a bad press.” And she’s right. Thomas could not believe that the other disciples had seen Jesus, and insisted that he had to see for himself, and so we talk about ‘Doubting Thomas’.

Many times I have been afraid to put my hand up and say, “I don’t understand,” in case I look foolish, only to find that others in the group have not understood either.
But Thomas had been the one brave enough to point out to Jesus that His group of disciples did not know what He was talking about when He said, “I go to prepare a place for you.”

And where was Thomas when the other disciples were locked in the Upper Room, hiding away from danger? Was he about in the city, feeling threatened, but on some necessary mission? Was he trying to find out what was going on – in the city, and amongst the authorities? And why shouldn’t he say out loud what the other disciples were thinking?

When Jesus did appear to Thomas, and he was able to see and know for himself that Jesus was alive again, I am sure that he was reassured by Jesus that it was all right to have doubts and ask questions. But reminded, too, that it was more of a blessing to believe without seeing.

I must never be afraid to ask questions, but I must also accept some things on trust. In doing that my faith is strengthened, and others my be strengthened too.

Pippa Cook