PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: Week after easter - Friday: Joseph

Good Morning

Sometimes I try to do the best I can for people, and then find it wasn’t what they wanted or needed, or that it was right at the time, and then, without me noticing, the situation has changed and I am no longer needed.

Joseph was a man with some measure of authority. He was a member of the ruling council. Having heard Jesus teach, he had secretly become interested in learning more about Him and from Him. When he heard that the man from Nazareth had been arrested and was going to be crucified he just felt that he had to do something.

Jesus was from the north of the country. He would have made no preparations in Jerusalem for His burial. He was being crucified with ordinary criminals, thieves and robbers. The authorities would make no special arrangements for them.

Joseph, however, had been prudent. He had a plot ready for his burial. A tomb in a garden, which had never been used. He went to the authorities to ask if he could have the body of Jesus, and was given the necessary permission.

Once He was dead, the body of Jesus had to be taken down quickly, wrapped in a clean linen cloth, and laid, hastily, in the tomb with the great stone rolled in front to seal it. There would be time enough to treat the body properly when the Sabbath was over.

And when it was over, and the women went to the tomb, the body was not there! The tomb that Joseph had given was no longer needed. I need to realise that my part in God’s work may be just for a moment, but, in that all-important moment, I must give of my best for Him.

Pippa Cook