PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: Week after easter - Saturday: Cleopas

Good morning.

When something momentous happens in the world, is splashed all over the front pages of the newspapers, fills the television news and dominates conversation, I expect everyone to know what is going on. When I find that someone doesn’t know, I am astounded and cannot believe it.

Two people were leaving Jerusalem to walk the seven miles or so back to Emmaus. They were talking about the events of the past few days. Events that meant a lot to them because they had known the man who had died. They knew there had been trumped-up charges. They knew that he had offered no defence, and that a crowd of Jews had persuaded the Roman Authorities to allow them to crucify Jesus.

Everyone was talking about it. There were so many people in Jerusalem at the time, all with their own ideas, doubts and theories. But this business of Jesus being alive again, and the women saying they had seen Him, had them a bit stumped. They didn’t know what to think or say and so, as they walked, they appeared to a stranger to be sad and confused.

The stranger that caught up with them seemed not to know what had happened, he asked so many questions. But, when He heard their answers, His explanation, using the scriptures they knew so well, made it all sound so reasonable and logical.

Night was falling as they reached their destination so they invited their new friend in for a meal and to stay the night. As He said the blessing over the bread they suddenly realised that it was Jesus, and, as He disappeared, they could not wait to get back to Jerusalem to tell the others that they had seen Him.

Sometimes I need to open my eyes and ears to the simple, logical explanations. Then I may see God at work.

Pippa Cook