PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: LIFE pART I by Pippa & Sarah Cook

So, Mum, how did you feel when you first knew you were going to have a baby?

I think it must have been only the first or second time I'd been to the doctor since we moved here. We told him we thought I might be pregnant and he said he thought so, when he'd looked into the waiting room for the new face. He examined me and said there was a growth and it was probably a baby! We didn't do our own pregnancy tests then.

I  had been talking to Rachel and saying that I felt realty awful, really tired and Irritable and uncomfortable. She said to go to the doctor – but to do a pregnancy test first, because they were bound to ask me if I’d done one. So I did. And / found that I wasn't feeling awful because I was stressed, but because I was having a baby!

Telling others about tne baby was really exciting. Mostly, it was explaining why I had been sick as soon as I arrived at work, or why I had to sit down towards the end of a service.

Unfortunately, the first people to know about the baby were not my parents. It was the landlord of my local, who noticed that I was drinking orange juice and lemonade instead- of bitter ! The most exciting people to tell were my class.  They were 6 and 7 years old.  They were so excited to know this was happening, and were very considerate - even working extra guietly, so that  they didn’t wake the baby up.

When something new and exciting is happening to us, we do want to tell someone. Sometimes it is with excitement, sometimes apprehension. Mary went straight to her cousin Elizabeth to tell her that she was expecting Jesus. And the baby that Elizabeth was expecting moved.

Pippa Cook