Mum, did you worry about me when I first went to school?

Not really, because you came with me and I was busy there too. I can remember you coming to me for singing and being the only child not to sit still and listen. But you took to school really well. You could read before you started, and that was a help.  And your love of reading has been passed on to Sam, I can see.

I can't imagine Sam going to school I know that he will do, and he’ll set off in his smart uniform, and come home with paint on his jumper and grubby knees from playing football.

He is changing all the time, When Rachel brought the gorgeous Emily over to see us, I found it hard to remember when Sam was that small – even when she ended up wearing one of his old tracksuits after a little accident. I see him as he was at teatime yesterday, bread in one hand, mashed up veg in the other and sornething orange in his hair,  and I can't imagine him being any other way.

I think that’s the way it shouid be. I think that’s the way God sees us. As we are  today. With the needs and worries that are ours today. He knows what has gone before, and He knows our dreams for tomorrow. But Jesus taught us to pray for our daily bread. Just what we need for today.

Pippa Cook