Mum, How did you feel when I left home?

I can remember the day you went out of the door to go to university. I said to your father, "You do realise that she won't come back here to live again?" He was so upset, and then, when you came home three weeks later, just for the weekend, everything was ail right again. He knew you hadn't left us, just the house.

I remember coming in to make my triumphant return to the family home and finding that everyone was out! I knew when I went to University, that I wasn't coming back to live. The first summer holiday that I did return to the fold nearly killed all of us, and I decided "Never again - for all our sakes!"

Well, l had left home at 18, so I knew what was likely to happen; There is then a part of your life in which parents have no place. They don't have a particular seat, eat at your table, or share your room. And when you go home all they do is ask  questions!

Jokingly, I've said that Sam will leave home when he's 35, and I've chosen a wife for him. Somehow, I don't think we'll last that long not if he's this independent at eight months!

I wonder how Mary felt when her boy left home. There were times when she  wasn't sure that Jesus recognised her any more. But some of His last words
ensured that there was someone to care for her once he had gone.

Pippa Cook