PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: LIFE pART V by Pippa & Sarah Cook

Mum, How did you go about setting up-your own home?

Well, we did it the easy way and bought a mobile home, all ready equipped with furniture. It was only later when we moved  into a house that we needed beds, tables and chairs.

When Simon and I moved in together I had never seen his furniture as it had all been in storage. When all that was unpacked, we had everything we needed. Sam's cot and crib were the first real furniture I’d ever bought. Then there was all of the other stuff  that the books, or the midwife, or someone I knew said we needed.

People were very kind and generous to us, and one of the nicest things for us has been being able to pass on that kindness to other people, as Sam grows out of things and we pass them on.

But don't give everything away! One of Sam's favourite toys now is the rattle that you were given when you were first born!
A greater thing to pass on to others is the support that they need to get through the difficulties you had. Pass on your experience, however limited you feel it might be, pass on your love and your care. Not just now, but all through your life. Let others see that you have been with Jesus.

Pippa Cook