So, Mum, having been my mum for nearly thirty years, how did it feel to know you would be a grandma?

Well, it was a bit of a shock. We had thought about being grandparents, but when the realisation came that we were moving into the next generation, and taking on a new role it was a shock!

I will always remember the train journey to tell you about Sam. We'd just been to see Oxford United draw at Cambridge, and my boyfriend, now husband, and his friend had got the train to Oxford, whilst I had got the one to King's Lynn I remember rephrasing, over and over again, what I was going to say. It took the whole of the journey to get it right, and in the end, you said "How are you then?" and I just blurted out "Well, about nine weeks pregnant actually!"

That took a bit of getting used to. After all we barely knew Simon then. But we grew used to the idea and friends and colleagues were so excited for us that we were encouraged.

I was so proud of Sam when you came to see him the day after he was born. And I am so proud of you as  grandparents. These days, I watch you playing with him, and I wonder if I will be as good a parent and grandparent as you and Dad are.

I wonder how Mary's parents accepted the news. Were they as certain as she was that she was going to give birth to the Son of God? Or were they as apprehensive as Josepn? And did they want to keep it quiet? And when the baby was born, did they love their grandson as much as we love ours?

Pippa Cook