Good morning. 

I have learned over the years that I have five senses, all of which work well, I am pleased to know.

I may be short-sighted, but I can see with spectacles, and, fortunate or not, I seem to be the only one who can find anything in the house. I think that that is because there is a difference between looking and seeing.

I can hear quite well. Too well sometimes I think. There are times when I don't want to listen to what I'm hearing, bad news, bad language and sounds with unpleasant connotations, like the dentist's drill, for example!

Smelling and tasting seem to go together to enhance the enjoyment of eating, or the pleasure we take in our surroundings.

The sense of touch is developed not only for personal benefit, but also for the benefit of those we love. It is the way we show affection, care and sometimes disapproval.

It is the combination of all the senses that helps us interpret the world in which we live, but only in a physical sense.

In order to take our part in the world we have to have other senses. A sense of responsibility, not just for ourselves and our own actions, but  a responsibility towards others, known and unknown, so that we keep them safe.

And we need a sense, a deep-seated knowledge of God's love for us and all people. God is a sensitive being. He sees, hears and feels all that we do, sometimes with pleasure, often with pain, but always with love.

Pippa Cook