Good morning. 

Isn't it funny the way our minds suddenly go off at a tangent?

I cannot claim to have any sense of colour or design at all. Colour co-ordination, aesthetic lines, whatever they are, are a complete mystery to me.

But I do sometimes wonder if the colours that I see are the same as the colours anybody else sees. I mean, we learn to call a certain colour scarlet, or emerald green, or dark brown, and within reason, we would agree on the name we give the colour we see. But how do I know that what my eyes and brain interpret as any certain colour is the same as anybody else's interpretation? Funny isn't it? When you start to think about it.

When we look at people we see different things. A child looking at his mother sees her in one way, while her mother sees her in a completely different way. Very often it is our first impression of a new acquaintance that colours the way we see them, and speak of them, for a very long time. It is only when we do not recognise the person that someone else de­scribes that we look at them in a new light.

" I speak as I find." is a good maxim if what we see is good, and looking for the best in people is a worthwhile exercise for both parties.

Jesus said to those who would condemn the prostitute. "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone," and they all turned and walked away.

Pippa Cook