Good morning. 

My mother used to sniff the air as we walked into the house after school and ask, "Who fell over?" as the scent of TCP reached her nostrils.

Environmental smells cling so that we know where others have been by the smell of their clothes. One way that children can identify unmarked clothing is by smelling it to see if it smells like theirs.

There are some things that leave an abiding and unpleasant smell about the house. I'm sure that most people can think of things that are unmentionable here and now. But there are those that we can mention, wet washing, desperately waiting for a good drying day, toast that has been left too long under the grill, and, in my opinion, the smell of horses when a teenage daughter returns from a day at the stables.

When the Jews were making a sacrifice to their God, it was important that the burning of their sacrifice gave up a pleasing odour so they knew that it was acceptable to God.
But God is not looking for sacrifices that involve animals or fire, He is looking for time, talents and commitment. He is not as interested in our great festivals and formal services as He is in the fact that we do our little bit to help others.

Micah wrote, "What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God."

Pippa Cook