Good morning. 

There is a special joy in welcoming a new pet into the home.

I am not a great animal lover, but my daughter is, and works and saves hard to have guinea pigs and hamsters to love. They seem so small and delicate that I am almost afraid to touch them, but their coats are so soft that stroking them becomes quite therapeutic and relaxing. It's the softness and silkiness that does it.

A favourite party game is to identify objects by feeling them. Good for devel­oping the sense of touch in the young, it can also provide great hilarity for those who are watching, and embarrassment for the participant!

Our skins contain the nerves that convey the message about what we touch to our brain. Experience tells us whether we like the feel or not, and individuals have different interpretations of what is, or is not good to touch.

A woman who had been ill for many years saw Jesus when He came to her town. She believed that if she just touched the hem of His robe she would be cured. She was, but it wasn't the touching that did it, it was the believing and doing something about it.

Pippa Cook