We really did not like walking! This time it was all on the level, towards a river where we identified the life, and so could tell what level of pollution there was.

The great delight was kick sampling, where the children could shuffle their feet in the river and gently kick some of the mud into a net. This was then poured into a tray of water and the squiggling, squirming life identified.

But what really made the children’s day was the sight of a herd of cows making their way from the field that we were in, across the river and along an old railway embankment to be milked. They learned then that it is not just the river that erodes the banks, but also the cows, as they stopped to rub their heads on the sides.

So often what should be the task in hand is overtaken by other circumstances, and it is important that we learn from that too.

Jesus told His listeners to stop worrying about their day-to-day living, the tasks that they felt must be done, and religious observances they felt must be made.

‘Look at the birds of the air and the flowers in the field,’ He said. ‘They don’t work, sow, reap, spin. God takes care of them, and He’ll take care of you.’

We need to open our eyes to what is around us and see God at work there. And then trust Him.

Pippa Cook