PAUSE FOR THOUGHT: Trusting each other

You need to trust each other. You need to work as a team. You need to trust the equipment.

That’s what the instructors said at the beginning of each of the activities on our week away. There was always a safety talk, always an explanation of what the children could expect, and always the encouragement that there was nothing to fear so long as they trusted the instructor and each other.

Not only did the children have to trust, they also had to be trusted. Many of the activities, especially the team challenge ones, would not work if they did not show concern for each other, and in particular, listen to each other. It was quite noticeable that those who did better were those who were not trying to make their own voice heard.

Whether it was exploring a cave, albeit an artificial one, climbing the wall or abseiling, the children needed complete trust in the equipment, and the instructor, in order to develop their own confidence to do the daring things they were asked to do.

But the activity that needs most trust, I think, is the nightline. The children are blindfolded and have to follow a trail, holding on to a rope. They have no idea of the hazards that lie ahead, and rely on the person ahead of them passing the information. Of course, it can result in a few screams and expressions of disgust as they pass through tyres, through muddy pools, over squidgy mattresses and under low branches. But, if the information is passed along, it’s not too much of a shock!

Jesus asked His disciples to follow where he led, telling them that He was going ahead to make things ready. All they needed to do was listen and trust, and whatever difficulties they faced, they would know that He had faced them too.

He asks us to do the same.

Pippa Cook