questions about faith and christianity
Does Being a Christian You a Better Person?

No, it doesn’t! Being a Christian is a name, but it is also how you interact with God, and with other people. I don’t think it makes you a better person; it does however give you a responsibility. You change as a person inside,  in your vision and views, when you see where God is coming from rather than your own opinions and attitudes.

If you are open to God it will change you in some way, making you a better person. Jesus reminded us that we are to love God and one another: these two things should be the foundation of our everyday Christian lives.

Who Is Jesus?

Jesus is the Son of God and Son of Man, a rebel in his time. He was not meek and mild, nor was he interested in the status quo. He laughed and cried and shared our pain and good times. He challenged the teachers of his age, even his followers experienced moments of doubt during his time with them. During his 3 year ministry Jesus changed the world forever; his sacrifice upon the cross was made for us and for our salvation. 

Jesus promised that he would be with us always to the end of the age so we are never alone, no matter what happens in our lives. If we stumble on the journey, Jesus picks us up and heals our wounds and sets us back on our way. Jesus is perhaps the most supportive and non-judgmental friend we could ever have. Love is the most important part of Jesus’ ministry and for us as people. Wherever we are in life, or whatever happens to us, nobody is out of reach of that love. There are no metaphors of similes with Jesus... because Jesus is love!

What are services like and what matters most on a Sunday?

Prayer and fellowship! Sharing together and the prayers we share bind us and take us forward into the week and the fellowship gives us that. No matter what happens in the week, we know that we are there for each other. We know that we are only a phone call away from people who care and want to be there with us.

Services at Stibbard Methodist church are friendly with lots of opportunity for participation. Because we have a variety of preachers we have a variety of services, ranging from the simplest services with a few hymns to our ‘flag-ship’ interactive service where everyone can get involved! Some services use PowerPoint presentations, others are very close and personal.

What matters most on a Sunday is possibly the fellowship we share over the cup of tea afterwards. At many churches at the end of the service people go home.  With us we spend time together sharing and talking. We talk about what has been said during the service, but we also discuss the past week and the week to come.  In a lot of religions food is an important part of their fellowship where people eat together: this is no different at Stibbard Methodists. We share everything as a church and are always here for people.

How do you know what God wants you to do from day to day?

We plan our day as we think we are going to do it, but other things are put into place that we don’t know about. Whilst we might try and plan our lives, God is ultimately in control of what is done. We believe that He has plans for us and it is up to us to work with him at the best of our ability. We don’t always get it right but thankfully we don’t always get it wrong. We know that whatever God gives us to do he will give us the tools to do it with.

Many Christians find their guidance from their daily reading of the Bible, from their prayer time or from fellowship with other Christians. It is often just a suggestion, that lets them know what God wants them to do. Like tuning a radio to get the station you want, you have to fine tune yourself to God in order to know what He wants. So turn your radio on to God and prepare to listen, learn and follow.

Is it Okay to Feel Sad When a Loved One Dies

When a loved one dies you are sad at the loss. What you must be careful of that it doesn’t become a self-centred grief. As Christians, if we believe in our faith and our God, we know that there is the promise of salvation. Equally it is okay to laugh, to enjoy other’s company and to share happy times. Everybody’s interpretation of grief is different and it changes from day to day.

There is sadness in watching those who have lost a loved one being shunned in society, being pushed away by friends and family who are unsure how to communicate or speak to them. Sometimes, all that is required is just to be: be with God and to be comforted by His presence, and to simply be.

Through prayer, and talking to God, wounds of sadness and hurt can be healed. Over time grief will diminish, it will never fully go as we recall that hurt afresh at set times of the year: birthdays, Easter or at Christmas. But what we can be assured of is that Jesus is walking beside us, through the good times and the bad and through His grace we will cope with all that life can lay before us.

What Makes Your Church Distinctive?

Our church is continually changing. It is friendly and welcoming. It is not afraid of change, of tackling difficult issues, of laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

We are not afraid to take that leap of faith into the unknown. We are not insular; we will support other churches and communities in their lives. We establish and maintain links with other churches. We enjoy a good meal together and are famous for our food and hospitality.  

I Haven’t Been to Church in Years and Feel Guilty. How Can I Find Help?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been to church, we still care for you and you are welcome! No matter the circumstances of your past and the reasons for not coming, we will never ask you – we just welcome you. Your past history doesn’t concern us. What matters to us is how you move forward in your journey of faith.